Digest Vol. 143: O hi

Stuff overload, slow at eroge, not too much (interesting) announcements and pre-orders. Overall a pretty quiet week. There are some delays as well but I don’t care enough about them =]


Non-news links

New stuff

Latest book from Yuizaki Kazuya for Mimiket 39. Very loli as usual ( ‘_’)b

Another “free” shikishi from Lose for Enty subscribers.

More Melonbooks Uribou tapestry. 5th B1 from kino.

Double suede with pretty good print and no major visible creases.

I don’t usually like kino arts that much but I find this exceptionally good. The boobs size are relatively fine. That thighhighs are good. Semi translucent panties and cameltoe are especially nice. The background is pretty interesting as well with fancy sparkles and stuff.

From same batch, 5th B1 from konomi. Print quality seems a bit more upscaled compared to kino’s. It’s rather similar to the one from last month.

I wasn’t quite sure about this but gotten anyway. I like the frontal panty shot but not too much on the kunai thingies. Thighhighs are good as well, including that foot. Overall pretty okay-ish though I think I still prefer the one from last month. Mainly the boobs size =]

And too bad not R-18.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Nicole route as promised last week. It ended with a bang at the end though almost completely unrelated to maka (魔可) at all which is a bit sad.

Continued to Natsuki route as planned. Just passed the first h-scene. Still not quite sure what the main story will be. I’ll find out this weekend.

I hope I can finish the whole thing before 23th which then rush 9-kokoiro before 30th so I can play Riddle Joker right away.

Not sure how well it’ll go~

Non-eroge stuff

Still going as usual.

No event for FGO making it pretty peaceful. Managed to reach Camelot at my new account and started struggling clearing the quests. Not having any maxed archer (or even 3rd stage) is quite troublesome. Especially considering there will be a lot of saber bosses this chapter. I haven’t maxed my Euryale either.

Daily life

Last week auction went pretty quiet with total proceeds at about 4500 yen. The lowest this last few months. This month will see at least one pillow cover at at least 13k so that’s nice. Hopefully there will be more stuff sold as well.

I’ll be putting up even more stuff this week. More tapestries, that is. Last week was pillow covers and I’ll find out how they do.

Meanwhile, I spent quite a bit on random stuff this week with random tapestries. With new addition of Shiratama cover I mentioned above, this month looks pretty grim =[

I’m not sure on that and Moeoh’s covers as well. I’m currently trying to minimize amount of covers I own. Mainly because I want to be able to use the previous ones as well. Unlike tapestry, pillow covers are rotated biweekly unless I decide to sell it instead. Currently I have 92(!) covers (+2 more coming this and next month) on my list. 36 of them are already opened so I have 56 left. At current rate, it’ll take me another 2 years before I finish the rotation. I have a feeling I’ve mentioned it all before but I keep forgetting about it.

Anyway, I really need to cut this off and probably sell some more. It’s currently unmanageable.

That said, about 46 of them are currently in “on hold” state which means I haven’t played the game yet so I can’t quite decide whether or not to keep them. That will need some fixing as well.

On tapestry it’s also pretty similar state though a bit more manageable because it’s much easier to rotate. The problem is the number is just stupid at the moment with 500. Especially considering I can only put up about 22 at any moment.

I’ve thought up some ways to filter them and hopefully will execute it sometime next week. Ideally I should only have about at most 100, I’d say. To do that I really have to let go some of the “really good but there are better ones” which is really sad ;_; Which may include Chikotam K-Books! Which means I’ll lost my “have everything from K-Books Chikotam” badge.

Oh and still haven’t sent stuff for Suruga-Ya :D

Closing words

Still early! Took much longer to write than I expected. Not sure if anyone noticed but these posts are mainly for myself to review what’s happened in the week and make some plans.

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