Digest Vol. 138: Maybe not that fast


Artbooks, PSV/PS4 ports, and other stuff. Some new CDs, pillow cover, and tapestries as usual. Even more as usual, slow progress of eroge.


Non-news links

New stuff

First time getting Yuzu Soft character song CDs \o/

Another Chikotam pillow cover (from Moeoh) after a long time. Too bad all ages and no hidden tricks like previous one.

More Melonbooks tapestry. B1 sized, Lemon-chan illustrated by konomi. I think most of my konomi tapestries from Melonbooks (remaining) are of her? Or maybe just two.

Butts! Panties! Knee-socks! A bit too much frills for me though.

Double suede material. Print quality is a bit questionable. Doesn’t seem to be lacking that much DPI but the lines are quite rough. Reminds me of Nanao Naru stuff.

Another Melonbooks tapestry from same batch, illustrated by Pan. Quite like this one.

Same print quality as konomi’s above. I image B0 would be even worse. Probably should’ve gotten B2 instead? At least no visible folding mark on either.

More butts! And almost invisible knee-socks! The nipples seem a bit erect? Liking her expression. The frill is just about the right amount for me.

Eroge playthrough

Still halfway Mayuu route ;_;

Rather interesting so far as well. Perhaps it’s just Alice route that’s a miss?

Non-eroge stuff

Still as usual.

Daily life

Put up some more stuff for auction. One of them unexpectedly sold for 9k. Not sure why apart of no one selling it? Didn’t know that one is popular. Should be getting about 31k if everything goes well for this week.

Didn’t manage to sort doujins this week so Suruga-Ya is on hold for another week.

Another tapestry to be sold is also coming soon-ish. Hopefully it sells for some good money.

On spending side, this week I pre-ordered FGO tapestries. One too many compared to initial plan.

And then there will be Moeoh goods as well. Tapestry bundle for Chikotam artbooks. I hope the quality isn’t too crap ;_; I probably is though. At least its base cost is 3k instead of usual 4.5k.

Not sure on Full Uso’s Shizuku tapestry at the moment. I will decide around end of this month or early next month.

There are Tatekawa Mako and Shiratama (digital) artbooks in queue as well. There wasn’t enough spare money last month. Hopefully I’ll have enough for them this month.

On eroge, there’s only Full Uso. Almost no addition to backlog because it’s already backlogged =D

Onigyu tapestries are coming this month. They cost quite a lot ;_; Probably shouldn’t have done this.

Lastly there’s Kinkoi OST. Well, usual thing.

All above have total of about 51k. Add some more random craps here and there and it’ll probably end up at around 60k. Optimistically, that is.

As mentioned before, I don’t think there will be any event this month. Or just Whirlpool. Should be still fine for up to 50k more though. I think.

Talking about fine, my money isn’t quite spread well between bank accounts. Having multiple accounts each linked to credit card is rather confusing. Ideally I’d direct them all to my Rakuten account but I’m not sure if I can do it. I should look into it some day.

That said, this month has just started. Plenty of room for mistakes =D

Closing words

Of course still failing on sleep schedule.

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