Digest Vol. 125: Sleep schedule

Some Trinoline, new tapestries and pillow cover, and one random stuff. Surprising auction result as well. Lastly, not quite satisfying progress on both eroge and non-eroge.


Non-news links

New stuff

Another one from Stylus Hanamakura series, Hanamizuki 2016 edition by Ikegami Akane. Still missing two more – Hanamizuki (2015) and Suisen (2014). Should’ve bought them during one of many previous events when they’re available. Hopefully they will have some in next Denkigai.

Tapestries from Melonbooks Underwear finally arrived. Lemon by konomi. Her (flat) lolis are good.

B1 sized. Usual Melonbooks double suede material. The print is pretty good as well. And thankfully there’s no creases this time.

Another one from same series, by Pan. Doesn’t quite click with me for some reason I’m not sure of. At least I don’t quite like the sunflowers but I feel something else is off.

Same stuff as konomi’s.

And then by Ryohka. The only R-18 from this series I gotten. I think I liked the all ages expression better but they, boobs (or the almost nonexistence) and stained panties. It’s Ryohka all right. This is my first B1 tapestry by her.

Still same deal. Material, print quality, etc.

And lastly by Shiromochi Sakura. Not sure what’s with that transparent shirt but works for me.

Same deal with everything else. None of them has the permanent crease which plagued quite a lot of Melonbooks double suede tapestries.

I like this one and konomi’s most. Followed by Ryohka’s and lastly Pan’s.

They all cost a bit over 20k in total.

Dengeki Moeoh 2017-08 tapestry by Yukie. No panties and bras. Nice expression as well.

Unfortunately, it’s the new crap print. See this post for detail. At least the color seems okay in this one. As long I don’t see it up close, that is.

And another one by Yukie. From Yometan’s Urahime Hyakkei (also known as おまんこ百景) with the explicitly drawn pussy. Should hang both versions (this and original Himekuri) sometime later.

Usual Fules print. Pretty good with double suede material.

Filled up all my binders so I gotten another shikishi binder. My fourth one from K-Books. Don’t know why they stopped doing this which is too bad because I rather like this. There are loads of them in Suruga-Ya for cheap so I should be fine for quite a while.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Sakura no Mori Dreamers 2! Or almost, because I haven’t finished the H-scenes. The ending CG for harem (?) route is stupid 😀

I think I’ll proceed to Rorolog HS first and then DSiF. I expect to finish both before this month’s eroge day.

I just checked the calendar and turns out 23rd (day before eroge day) is holiday. That looks dumb so I guess I’ll just move it to Friday so I can have a long weekend.

Non-eroge stuff

Busy with FGO and almost no progress on anything else.


That Trinoline Genesis, Genesis Edition is messing up my budget. I didn’t quite expect that one. Thankfully the pillow cover doesn’t seem all that interesting so I can skip that one.

I also put up budget for winter events at 200k. Thankfully there isn’t much else. Until Melonbooks and Sagaplanets announce their November event line up which I completely forgotten until writing this up.

As for this week’s spending, finally pre-ordered more Yometan tapestries. And then there’re some other minor purchases.

All of which are covered by this week’s auction. A bit over 40k after fees and stuff which is great. With half of it solely from Tatekawa Mako’s artbook.

I don’t know why people do this considering it was up for pre-order for about two months with no purchase limit as far as I can tell. And not like the bonus is that exciting either (draft book and keyholder). Fine by me though. It covered the original cost, Kindle version of it, and more.

Also put up some more stuff slowly at about one per day. Should’ve done this from beginning instead of putting up stuff in a batch. It overall takes longer but because they’re split in shorter terms, it doesn’t feel as annoying.

Overall doing fine though still need a lot more for investment thing next year and winter events.

Closing words

It’s almost 8 AM and I should sleep already. But then again I slept from 2 to 11 PM yesterday so I think it’s fine-ish?

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