Digest Vol. 120: More backlogs


I almost put off doing this and sleep straight away. But then I regained some willpower thanks to my room’s mess exceeding threshold and made me do some room cleanup and thus not feeling sleepy anymore.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Kamiyaba! It was good. Missing harem route though. Or at least a 3P with Urara and Yukari. Fandisk plsthx.

Some nice surprise at climax of Urara route though felt a bit short. The h-scenes angles can use a bit better work as well. At least they’re trying to be creative though with dialog box at the top due to unusual perspective.

Two months to clear. Holy what.

Continuing to Sakumori 2. It’s pretty short according to VNDB. Maybe I can safely predict I can finish this by next long weekend?

Playing it reminded me I haven’t listened to the OST at all.

Non-eroge playthrough

Caught up with everything but Tenshi no 3P. Planned to catch up after finishing Kamiyaba but apparently that didn’t happen. Maybe sometime this week.

Wasting money

So I did manage to break monthly saving record thanks to the guy buying my earphone paying on the right time.

I don’t think I can break another record or even close because there are some events this month. Or maybe if I get around selling more stuff (with added bonus of less messy room) I can somehow make it?

Current plan is some K-Books tapestries, some Marmalade and Whirlpool pillow covers and Yurauka pre-orders. Even just those almost broke 100k. Whoops. I probably should drop some.

I haven’t budgeted for events.

On eroge pre-orders, there’s still nothing for October, one for November (Yurauka), and another one for December (Kinkoi). Additionally there are Whirlpool’s Nekonin fandisk and Alcot’s Shogun-sama wa otoshigoro which release dates are still unkown.


Non-news links

New stuff

Eroge release week! Starting up with Sakukoi store bonuses. As usual from Sofmap, Getchu, Medio, and Trader. All through usual guy in YJA.

And then the usual accompanying soundtrack. Also in photo Otome Domain Radio Vol. 5. I should get around listening them all.

Comic1-12 Catalog. This marks my fifth Comic1 (first one was Comic1-7). It sure has been a long time since I arrived in Japan.

Some Suncre stuff because I can’t be fucked going there. I don’t remember seeing Kanekiyo Miwa going there before though.

My first QP:Flapper doujin. From C92, bought off YJA. A bit hard to resist Mashu.

Some more late C92 stuff. This one from Ryohka. The art goes way back to ancient time.

And then the eroges. One of the two, Hoshi furu yoru no farnese. The box is the smallest I’ve ever seen (excluding tall case).

And then Sakukoi with all the bonuses from official store. The main reason I bought off them is to avoid having to go anywhere to get them. That reminds me I actually won lottery for signing event but didn’t go because too tired and lazy.

Farnese tapestry from Getchu. Usual stuff. Pretty nice print. Nice babydoll as well.

And then from Medio. Still not sure if actually want. Probably no but will wait until actually finishing her route. Usual thin material.

Another one of her, this one from Melonbooks. Much better than the previous one.

And lastly from Sofmap. Weird I like her but not much of Koko from Hakoniwa Logic despite both being pink-haired.

Random Melonbooks tapestry drawn by Odawara Hakone. Found in Suruga-ya for 2500 which I thought why not. Double suede with pretty good print.

Some new tapestries from Dengeki Moeoh (2017-06). The same new printer as last I mentioned. Upon closer inspection, it seems that this one:

  • Whatever material it uses, the result is it’s overall reflective.
  • Thanks to reflective, the color seemed a bit off.
  • Apparently it’s not just because of reflection, the print itself seems to be much less uniform compared to A&J (or anything really).
  • Overal image is missing vividness. Color balance feels really off. The reflection helped worsening it.

For 4500 yen, it almost feels like a rip-off. Yes I’m kind of annoyed by this.

Another one from Moeoh. Same problem. And for some unfathomable reason they’re pulling K-Books (useless patterned borders) for this one.

And hey, this one is actually better. Sakukoi official tapestry. First one. Double suede and doesn’t have the Moeoh problem above.

Babydoll sure is nice :3

And another one. Putting Moeoh to shame by having much better print quality at much cheaper cost.

Transparent white sukumizu with knee-socks is fine as well. Thankfully the eyes aren’t as scary as previous Parasol’s Lovely Day.

Yeah this is a thing. Haven’t watched the whole thing but seems rather fine. I don’t remember seeing the kind of artstyle used here before.

Too bad it’s Kazari’s route.

Also, DVD in 2017?

Closing words

Just about right time for me to sleep.

On unrelated note, I lost 5 tapestries space because of the new shelf. At least I got space for my stuff. Though I think I can put one B2 and B1 around it.

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