It was good. Lots of twists and hardships and comedies along the way. It was good. I especially like interaction between Hachiman and Yukino. Also the openings and endings, mainly the first and last seasons.

Following is nonsense I wrote which looking again it’s pretty cringey but whatever. Hi future me. Cry away.

It started on April 2013. It was on some twisted high schooler (boy), with funky teacher, and another student (girl) whose weird in different way. I was pretty much hooked on first episode.

More weird things happened, and Hachiman solved various things in his unique way, granting him some weird title in various anime circles.

First season ended rather cleanly. He actually tried confessing to her first season, several times even, and promptly rejected before even saying anything.

Second season two years later was rather a drag. Iroha saved most of them but the character design change kinda killed half of my interest.

It didn’t help they ended the season in such cliffhanger way without any hints of continuation.

But it did set foundation for the trio’s relationships.

After long wait of five years, finally the final season and it delivered. I ended up warming up to the “new” design after the rewatch and it marched on full speed to Yukino route. Yui unfortunately took massive hits several times but such is life.

In the end with the trio reuniting back together as one club, everyone is happy.

That said, Hachiman stayed with his twisted way through the end.

…what am I even writing.

Anyway! See the top. Also, I’ll be reading the LNs.

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