On Fate/stay night (game)

All clear (except the tiger stamps which I'll finish tonight)

All clear (except the tiger stamps which I'll finish tonight)

First of all, thanks to mirror moon for completely and beautifully translating this wonderful game 🙂

It all started thanks to my friend showing teaser for the anime in… something 2005. At the time I barely know wtf TYPE-MOON is. Then I watch it and went whoa lulz gawd hur hur o/

After few months, someone shared the game somewhere I don’t really remember… and since I can’t read Japanese I decided not to (try to) read it at all.

Etc etc then in 2008 mirror moon finished translating the whole game (I mean, the last route)… So I go finish reading this game!!!11 woohooo. It only took two years.

Or three.


The anime’s route. Good for reference which parts are missing and which are added. Not much different compared anime version.

Unlimited Blade Works

My favorite route (Rin <3). Also GAR level of GARcher and Caption Obvious Shirou is OVER9000. Lots of battle, action, and UBWs (both version). In fact, this is the only route one can see both UBW casted. No sorcery happen (in a sense) but Shirou can use Reality Marble (with help of Rin’s mana). Also the only one with Good End (Fate only has True End and Heaven’s Feel has Normal End instead of Good End). Its good end is certainly good XD (again, Rin <3)

Heaven’s Feel

The longest route. With wall of tl;dr (comparable to LotR books I heard). Many freakin interludes. I think there’s interlude for each normal dialogue. Or perhaps not that much but still much higher than other routes.

Two sorceries (OMFG Gem Sword (THE HAX SWORD), and Soul Restoration (people don’t die when they’re killed – waaaaaaaaaat)). Lots of background from previous war. Reveals many things. Even Rin’s ancestor appeared.

And Rin has this hax



And we get choice

"Choice". Riiiiight

"Choice". Riiiiight

Even Aozaki Touko appeared here (implicitly)

Who else she/he would be

Who else she/he would be. LOL

Too bad the True End is too happy 🙁

I’d prefer more people dead :evil grin:

Oh and Rin two (or three?) years later



Up next: collecting all tiger stamps! 😀 (read: seeing Shirou dead in various ways :evil grin: )

4 thoughts on “On Fate/stay night (game)

  1. Just finished it. Not sure if its worth collecting all the Tiger stamps. What do you think? And yeah I laughed a lot at the 3 branches that didn’t differ.

  2. Fuck I Didn’t Go Through Heaven’s Feel

    I’ve Only get Unlimited Blade Works And Fate endings

    And I Don’t Have DVD anymore:'(

    Please share ur game

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