Weekly FGO vol. 30


With the only event being half AP training grounds, there aren’t much to do. Or anything at all apart of just doing the usual mana prism farming.

I was halfway through Salem but paused because mana prism.

Fate/Requiem event is coming soon. I have no clue about the series itself 🙃


Similarly in NA, there’s Holmes event but it’s just a purely story event so there’s nothing much here either.

I did finish Salem and maxed Shiki along the way. That costed a lot of bones. 108 of them to be precise.

Still slowly going through free quests and stuff hoping to get one more Okita. She hasn’t appeared again so far.

After Holmes and hunting quest week, Okita Alter event is coming up. I have no sq though so maybe next year during rerun… but then again Okita Summer will be around so I’m not sure.

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