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I got bored and decided to check out latest beta (or in svn term – trunk) of WordPress. The new (dashboard) interface looks good but slow. Haven’t checked with Google Chrome or Opera to see if Firefox is the problem’s source (slow JavaScript?).

Using publishing from add new post rather awkward with it forcing me to set publish date first… O_o

Overall interface also doesn’t seem to be polished yet. I will try installing it locally at home sometime tomorrow though as it’s not really funny trying out things using slow connection.

Also, lighttpd kinda sucks. Need to upgrade to 1.5 ASAP. Or migrate to nginx.

5 thoughts on “WordPress trunk edition

  1. Hi,

    Just passing by, i have this specific problem also that the dashboard is slow, 2.6.2 is very fast, but every 2.7 beta install is slow (clean installs), can’t exactly pinpoint what is causing this. Do you have any clue already.

    Also i don’t see that many complains about the slowiness of the dashboard, so i am rather confused πŸ™‚

    Using: development version (2.7-beta1-9478)

    Thanks for any response!

  2. It’s installed pretty fast here (just like any earlier versions). But then again I’m installing it on my own (low-load) server so YMMV.

    About the dashboard’s slowness, I meant it especially when expanding “Screen Option” menu. CPU usage when expanding (on Firefox) spiked to around 20-30% and the animation isn’t quite smooth. Even worse on Opera.

  3. Mmm ok,

    I have the problem that the dashboard is really slow. Installed on a quad core 8gb linux 64 centos5 machine, so i am pretty sure it is not hardware related πŸ™‚

    Really strange though!


  4. I have the same problem… Dashboard is very slow, tested in both Opera and Chrome.. Not tested in FF or IE though.

    No hardware performance problems as this is installed on some rather buff serverfarm. This must be php/coding errors.

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