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I just migrated to Disqus – a fully managed comment system for websites. I saw it first used in Engadget. It didn’t work quite good at the time (or at least I didn’t have good memory on it) but it’s quite wonderful now.

One of the problem I’m having when leaving comment on other blogs is it’s difficult to track which posts and sites I’ve left a comment on. Some sites (like this site used to be) provide “Notify via E-mail on Replies” option but it’s clunky at best and with dozens, hundreds of sites out there it’s quite impossible to track them all. Not to mention you have to visit each blogs to unsubscribe from notification.

Then come Disqus – it’s a centralized comment system which allows any website to use their service and let the users enjoy one-stop interface to manage all their comments on various websites. It uses JavaScript to embed the comment interface on a page – not the best way but I guess it’s acceptable now with emergence of smartphones and tablets which actually capable of rendering JS.

Replacing WordPress’ comment system with Disqus is quite easy. The official WordPress plugin provides everything to migrate comments quickly and easily. It can even keep the comments synced with local database – allowing quick way out in case Disqus goes evilâ„¢.

I doubt anyone still read this blog (and blog is so 2009) but well, here it is.

3 thoughts on “On Comment System

  1. Ah, yes. Just found that they actually has link mapper right now. But I’m still being lazy to import 4 wxr files and rem-mapping each comment to its new permalink.

    > I doubt anyone still read this blog (and blog is so 2009) but well, here it is.
    Certainly blog isn’t so 2009, wordpress is :p

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