OreImo episode 13 – HAHAHAHAHA

I decided to bit the bullet and watch the LQ version of this episode. And wow, sure I almost missed thing.

See Kuroneko’s expression.

Fujoshi’s imagination isn’t something to be taken lightly. See how proud she looked when revealing her imagination fantasy.

Be careful if you know a fujoshi, you could be very well the victim of her fantasy, too! And not in the way you would hoped, for sure (unless you swing that way, of course).

“Sena-chan, you’re so cute! Sena-chan, it’s not your fault!” is the magic key. Remember that.

Overall, absolutely hilarious episode. It has been a long time since I laughed this hard. Too bad it’s still quite a long time before we can watch this in quality but hey, it’s good enough already as is. “Story > animation” applies nicely for this episode.

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