Wandering Son episode 9 – HOLY-

Pictured above: a girl.

This series has blown my mind. Even if it’s just a fiction, the way they build up the character up to this episode is nothing short of mind-blowing.

Spoiler ahead.

My stance on this whole business is neutral, btw.

And I don’t even know what to say.


It also mentioned how boy-dressing girl treated differently than girl-dressing boy. The hierarchy goes upward (or one-way), I guess.

It’s amazing how they built up his character slowly, and how it finally happened in this episode. The aftermath is rather expected but the whole idea is still mad after all.

Or maybe I’m just awed by how he got his courage and intrigued how the aftermath will be. Takako Shimura is one fearsome writer. She writes story about this rather controversial matter. In serious tone, no less; unlike most other series – especially the ones dealing with transgender matter – which take mostly on comedic and sexual focus. This one focus on drama. Pure drama. And extremely well done, IMO.

Also much better than Aoi Hana. Probably because I expected wrong thing and wasn’t ready to see it in such serious tone.

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