Fractale episode 7 – finally?

No, not this

(I just happen to only have this one screenshot for this episode)

The first few minutes of this episode actually managed to confused me: the difference in situation is too great and nonsensical. Later revealed though it’s because of those pretentious villagers.

Crashing when flying around using something (okay, what’s that thing’s name?), Clain find himself waking up on a bed(!), naked(!) and together with a female(!) doppel. Searching for Nessa around and when finally found her, turned out the people saved them actually sold them to the Temple or something. Nessa protected Clain, creating massive explosion on the city and caused it crumble to ruins. In the end the Temple finds them anyway, shot Clain and… continues to next week.

This episode focused almost solely to Clain and Nessa. And I think overall it went better without the appearance of Lost Millenium – just like the first episode. We also get to see how some people depends on Fractale system to live (being disabled and all, I guess) which is one of the original purpose of Fractale system (is it?).

In the end, there are quite a few factions in this series which doesn’t seem to like each other. Hopefully A-1 Pictures can deliver an actually satisfying ending for this rather unique series.

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