Broken Blade episode 4 – woot

Just kiss already, dammit

(of course, it doesn’t picture what this anime all about but obviously I can’t resist posting this image)

Time passed by and look, episode 4 is out!

With Cleo (voiced by Kana-tan, no less) having fun in her new home, having fun with Sigyn, etc, sure made great eyecatch scenes.

Oasis in desert. Riiiiiiight

In other news…


Girghe, in his first real combat ever. After cowering in fear with the lack of information about enemy, ambushing the retreating enemy’s group of Commanders (or something).


That’s when the precise information about enemy is not known. On the other hand, when he has it…


Transformed into highly calculating, high ability soldier. Ambushing enemies at such level alone sure isn’t a simple feat but apparently it’s easier than handling unknown enemies.

She reminds me of Maid Sama!'s Cafe Latte owner, Satsuki. Just five years younger

Zess didn’t get too much airtime this episode but instead we get a 25-years oldĀ loli (is she?) from enemy camp. She’s pretty crazy herself and killed the beloved General True.

And finally, the main hero…


God, that’s one heck of witty remark.


I bet Sigyn was just jelly of Narvi.

Upon checking, I noticed that there’s only one month difference between third and forth movie. No wonder I didn’t felt waiting for too long this time. Fifth one in three months. I’m curious how they will end this seeing as the manga hasn’t even ended. I haven’t read the manga so I don’t know how faithful this adaptation is though seeing how good it is (IMO, ofc) I guess it didn’t deviate from manga too much.

Also, this post is probably the first post containing this many non-XX characters.

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