Finished reading: Bitter Virgin (manga)

When I saw the scanlation of it has finished several days ago at certain manga reading site, I remembered that I copied some of the chapters months ago.

Went reading it… and… finished in a blink (well, not really since I have to download manually from chapter 22).

So… it was good. Drama. Etc.

Not your usual love-drama though. As it involves something that’s not really common (in this type of manga, at least) which is, pregnancy. Sum tragic story about pregnancy. Or something.

The good (?) thing is, this manga doesn’t contain any fanservice which is pretty normal considering this is a shoujo manga šŸ˜›

It might even get localization here… probably. I’ll sure to buy it if actually released here.

Or it is already released…? O_O I don’t think it’s already released here though.

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