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Due to my stupidity, I still haven’t sleep yet now. And I installed wp-reCAPTCHA and wp-stats for this blog.


Basically this functions as captcha (lol obvious), but this uses reCAPTCHA, which is special: two words, one already known and one other either maybe known or not known at all (by the server). The words used for it scanned from books that’s going to be digitized. Hence “stop spam, read books” tag line. Thankfully it’s valid XHTML 1.0 Strict albeit with minor error when entering comment with registered user (me. And only me).

A must install, when possible 😀


Basically this plugin insert a kind of “counter” to every pages and then process it to give the admin a nice graph to see. And some other stats. I’m using it because I find it is much more readable (and slick) than awstats which is given automatically with this hosting package. It has all the functionality I need with a stats plugin. Caveat: must add img#wpstats{display:none} to style sheet file to hide its smiley icon.

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