Sora no Woto episode 13 – O yay


Apparently I captured the images at different resolutions. Bare with it.

Started three seasons ago, finally ended. The first anime series from Anime no Chikara (lolspeak: Animu Powa), a joint project between Aniplex and TV Tokyo. Dubbed by many as K-ON! ripoff when first started. Of course, instead of drunken-Yui songs, we get Kalafina instead for opening. Surely still one of my favorite (the songs and the series) even now.

The TV series ended months ago but the entire series has just ended few weeks ago by the release of the last volume in Blu-Ray which includes one last bonus episode.

Continuing from episode 12, everything returned to as when it started. One day, Kanata was asked what her dream is (and turns out she had none) which then makes up the idea for this episode: everyone’s dream.

In the end, this is still the Sora no Woto you like (or hate). Just even more peaceful than ever.


"A lovely wife"

This part is quite amusing.



Especially the reactions.



Don’t worry, Noel. As you’re living in the post-apocalyptic setting, there ought to be sufficient people who likes Ayanami Rei and her clones (Nagato Yuki, Tachibana Kanade) which surely will like you, too (since you share their basic archetype).

We also got some more backstory on the series and how the world is “ending”.

Lastly, thanks to Random Curiosity and Tenka Seiha and some other blogs which reminded me about this one final episode. Or else I’d have missed it since I totally forgot about it.

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