Absurdity of Connection

I’ve noticed this since last few months: connection to my Uni from my home is MUCH faster if I tunnel it somewhere first (usually to US).

It went like this (from my observation):

Normal Connection

  • Connect from home to university
  • Given local route (IIX)
  • Connect over IIX

Tunneled Connection

  • Connect to a US server
  • Connect to university over US server
  • Given faster connection (AI3)
  • Connect over AI3
  • ???
  • Profit!

See the pattern? Yeah, somehow domestic connection (IIX) from university is even more slowpoke.jpg than ever. That, or the bandwidth from both ways (from and to) is throttled for IIX. While for AI3 (for international connection) is throttled one way (from uni to intarwebs)


The connection is getting worse everyday while the connection availability is more or less stays same for years (LOLWUT)

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