Epic Bad Luck

Not the quality, but the quantity – the amount of fails happened today and yesterday.

  • The FreeBSD and ZFS on external hard disk is a disaster combination: it likes to break itself. Crashed/kernel panic twice in 18 hours.
  • I got “caught” when infiltrating certain place. Worse, I have to report to certain person about the “incident”.
  • My attempt to renew my driving license turned to be a failure due to my lateness – note that the place I tried is supposed to still open for 6 hours but the form is not available anymore.
  • I forgot to order certain device to enable me doing online banking. The pickup place on the area where I’m currently working is a little bit out of my reach.
  • It turns out my academic transcript in English which I ordered 6 months ago is still not available due to incomplete data I provided. And there I assumed it’s been done months ago.
  • My professor forgot to give certain document I needed (ASAP) to administration dept.
  • And the last one, my printer’s ink ran out and I can’t print document I must print.


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