Angel Beats! episode 5 – “HAHAHAH” edition

Backup plan should always be ready


This is certainly the most hilarious episode so far (at least first half of it). The way they replayed the take off is pure epic. Complete with appropriate BGM. Of course the unexpected “who-will-take-off-next” off-pattern increased the hilarity factor.

…and it’s awesome how they actually pulled off it on the ENTIRE EXAM PERIOD. I’d like to know how many times everyone enjoyed their astronaut simulation.

The later half reveals something about Tenshi which you guys should’ve already known or read somewhere else. From what I can tell the real reason Yuri doing it all is to verify what/who Tenshi actually is.

Whatever. This series is getting better each episode with the main story revealed slowly (or hurrily). Too bad it’s only 13 episodes but then again P.A.Works have never produced (with they being the main studio) more than 1 cour series.

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