Kowarekake no Orgel

I totally missed this one D:

I mean, it’s POP.

POP. The creator of moetan.

This anime goes like this (from AniDB):

* A doujin anime by POP, the illustrator of Moetan, that was released at the Comic Market 77 doujin convention.

The story centres around Keiichiro, a young man who lives alone in his house. He went through a lot of pain in his life, since the tragic car accident that killed his parents and younger sister, blaming himself for surviving.

One rainy day, he seeks shelter in an old shrine. There he notices a little girl, sitting on a chair, surrounded by garbage. She herself is “garbage” — an abandoned android dumped here by someone, holding a sunflower in her hands. Stricken by sudden sadness, he takes her with him to an android repair shop, where he is told that she will never function. So returning home, he “dumps” her in the dirty bathroom. Waking up the next morning, though, Keiichiro finds the little android girl standing in the kitchen, preparing breakfast. Still without a name — remembering the sunflower — Keiichiro names her Flower. And so begins the life for these two unlikely protagonists.

In POP world, androids are small compact sized 😀

It’s relatively good, IMO. Light-hearted and fast-paced. Too bad the back-story is lacking.

Mainly on Flower’s back-story. It’s not told at all until the end.

But it’s ok since Flower is cute :>


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