Dear Intel: please follow AMD for this one


If you’ve ever involved in recent virtualization you should know that every single modern (2007-ish?) edition of Athlon, Phenom and Opteron have AMD-v while on Intel side, it’s worse.

AND YES IT’S A RANT POST BECAUSE MY LAPTOP DOESN’T HAVE VT-x (I knew it when buying it, but still).

It’s penryn-1M core btw. The LATEST non-celeron low-end of mobile processor. They should’ve named every single non-VT-x processor as Celeron. FYI, even my current (built at 2007-ish) desktop processor (Pentium D 930) has VT-x.

Conclusion: buy AMD if you’re not into overclocking. </fanboyism>

Update: wait I think it indeed is low-end. I’ll consider every single “Pentium Dual-Core” is a Celeron from now on which means there’s no AMD’s Athlon X2 equivalent at <$100

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