One does not simply install danbooru on OpenSolaris

Seriously D:

Basically we have two choices:

  • The sane way:
    1. Install VirtualBox
    2. Install a Linux or FreeBSD VM
    3. Install danbooru in there
    4. ???
    5. Profit!
  • The MADNESS way:
    1. Install gcc4 from Blastwave
    2. Compile yourself these with gcc4:
      • Ruby
      • PostgreSQL (and contrib)
      • nginx (also doesn’t need gcc4)
      • GD
      • Gems
      • danbooru gems dependencies (together with all their madness)
      • THE THING THAT FORCED US TO USE GCC: danbooru_image_resizer
    3. Pray
    4. Pray moar
    5. No, I don’t know if it works (currently doing things I mentioned above)

Seriously, everything else can be installed without gcc (but you still need to compile many things manuall). Only the freakin danbooru_image_resizer that can’t be compiled with sunstudio which in the last stage of danbooru installation (if you forced compiling only that one with gcc), rake db:migrate, will give you freakin error.

The speed of OpenSolaris+ArchLinux(VM) is actually pretty good. Use this when possible. Or just use Linux or FreeBSD if you want to install danbooru. Installing on OpenSolaris is bad for your sanity.

(I’ve been trying to do it for almost three days until I realized that I need to use same compiler for most things)

Update: okay, I lied. There are three extra alternatives (two of which are almost dreaming – or maybe in few months):

  1. Install pkgsrc and start compiling away: this one should be good as it also uses gcc. Albeit an ancient version one
  2. Wait for Sun Studio 13: I heard this one will have some compatibility with g++
  3. Tell albert to change the danbooru_image_resizer to use generic C compiler: almost impossible?

Update 2: the MADNESS way actually works

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