Headache-free dual/triple/multiple-boot Windows/OpenSolaris/Linux/FreeBSD

…after being wtf-ed by trying to add GRUB entry to boot to ArchLinux’s ext4 partition.

  1. Install Windows
  2. Install OpenSolaris
  3. Install Linux/FreeBSD, with GRUB on the Linux/FreeBSD partition then add entry on OpenSolaris’ GRUB to chainload to Linux/FreeBSD partition
  4. ???
  5. Profit!

There’s also this but I prefer installing bootloader on every OS’ partition than mix-and-match OpenSolaris’ GRUB (which apparently doesn’t support ext4). Much less headache.

3 thoughts on “Headache-free dual/triple/multiple-boot Windows/OpenSolaris/Linux/FreeBSD

  1. umm, wait.. I prefer installing Linux/freeBSD before installing osol
    since we want to use osol’s grub as the default.
    nice trick to chainload the grub instead of placing every kernel on a single filesystem, it’s really headache-maker
    here’s a few question…
    1. do all of your h/w detected on osol?
    2. if it’s archlinux, then it’s kde4, in my machine (kde4 but no archlinux) if you create new document on kwrite or kate. when the save/save as dialog appear, they not respond to any keyboard input…? have a same problem? any tips?
    3. how to configure network on KDE, I have this problem where KDE can’t configure network from it’s system settings (error:can not render XML file),
    any tips?
    4.have you ever try multiple boot with MacOSX? I have, it’s less challenging but sure amusing XD

    sorry for the tl;dr

  2. The grub (0.95 with zfs support) can’t boot to ext4.

    1. hell no. no driver for atheros 5b16
    2. archlinux != kde4. I hate kde(3|4|mod). Didn’t try k(sucks) when using kde4 D:
    3. wicd to rescue. Don’t care kde’s. Did I say I hate kde? :]
    4. wat no -.-

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