Q4-2k8-5: RideBack


Dancing bike

Dancing bike

The bike (I mean, rideback) kind of resembles vehicles in Blassreiter 😮

The transforming style reminds me more of Transformers or Macross Frontier though 😮

And I’m worried if the storyline will move from some racing to some war… Prove me wrong please? 🙁

2 thoughts on “Q4-2k8-5: RideBack

  1. I doubt that anything that big will occur. Looking at how long the series is (12) and how the progress is going (slow), it just seems like it’s going to be like more or less a “sports” (because of the racing) genred anime with mecha, and as a bonus a female lead character who does ballet with it (spoiler). I doubt they can in very short span of time situate a war in the plot and come out of it in a positive sense. Though, I have a BIG hunch, that there will be a season 2.

    P.S. I’ve read volume 1 of the manga as well as seen up to the latest episode (03).

  2. Spoiler: On second thoughts, after watching Episode 04 of the anime, I’m thinking there might be scenes involving Rin as an under-cover agent for the GGP to stop/frame these terrorists. That would be interesting, even though the time-lapse for that will be fast.

    And I can’t wait until her brother finds out the girl on the red Ride Back is his own sister; there’s nothing better than brother-sister complex (aside from mother/aunt/teacher-son/nephew/student complex 😛 ).

    P.S. Why is this anime so random? It has no clear plot and I’m hooked on the notion of a female lead character whose past life was balley and now Ride Back… Not to mention, the soundtrack is just amazing. 😀

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