4 days of wasting money – day 1: entaplus

This entaplus. There’s a dedicated queue for Palette and their queue line is unbearably long. Took me about two hours to finally reach the cashier.

Got Konami dakimakura cover and 2015 desk calendar.

2014-12-28 19.20.05And some paper bag and promo TCG card (no photo because lazy).

And then from Russel booth:

2014-12-27 20.47.57The content is line draft (?) from the game and other promotional images.

One More Tapestry from Hare Nochi Kitto Nanohana Biyori

Uh, yeah.

This is the one I originally preordered before later changed my mind and got one from official store instead. Bought this one from Amazon Marketplace at sufficiently inflated price (5900 JPY).

There is another Haruno/Nanoka tapestry coming next year. Unfortunately I can’t claim a complete collection of Nanoka tapestries because the last one I’m missing (Comroad) only available in one place now (Amazon Marketplace) and costs 9500 JPY. Way over my allowed budget. At least for this month.

Hare Nochi Kitto Nanohana Biyori Visual Fan Book

Finally arrived \o/

2014-10-29 21.23.24

Gotten from Tora no Ana which comes with illustration paper. Contents are just as one can expect from a visual fan book. And unfortunately it turned out I didn’t miss any illustrations – as in I’ve seen all available illustrations for this series assuming it’s complete for all released stuff. But that cover illustration is quite… something.

I haven’t read the interview because :japanese: though one of the highlights says the next title will probably back to Parasol usual type.

On unrelated note, I don’t understand why it’s called “Fan Book” despite being an official book. My guess says it’s something along the line “book for fan”. Whatever.

Hare Nochi Kitto Nanohana Biyori – extras (3)

I just remembered there’s one more stuff which is Haruno-related.

2014-05-30 20.48.44-2

Postcards. As the filename says, it’s been a long time when I got it. One of the pre-order special event thingy. I actually spent ~330 JPY (train fares) just to get this >_>

Finally, there’ll be (at least) one more Haruno-related stuff coming January next year!

On unrelated note, I need to remember changing all images’ url to https form because it’s still bugged in WordPress.

Hare Nochi Kitto Nanohana Biyori – extras (1)

2014-09-01 14.34.06

Together with the game’s release, its soundtrack is also released at same day. Since I didn’t find it in Amazon when tried to order it, I ordered it from Tora no Ana which took time to actually arrive (and for me to pick it up since direct delivery costs something). Relevant files have been handed to someone for proper release (with tagging, etc).

The main theme song sure is good. I’ll copy up the lyrics here sometime later if I feel like to.

On barely related note, I’m still crawling forward the game. I don’t think I’ve even passed the common route yet.

Just arrived: Hare Nochi Kitto Nanohana Biyori

After delayed for a month from its original release date of July, it’s finally released. And I decided to put the one I’m currently playing (Your Diary +H) and immediately play this one out. I’m doing this because otherwise my backlog would get worse and will only be able to play this in two months or something. Not fun. And hopefully I can speed up my reading speed and clear my backlog.

2014-08-29 20.20.48

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