Digest Vol. 183: From new place

Written from new place.With unfortunately shitty internet because I cheaped out (and rushed) on the ISP. Not sure if it’s this specific ISP or just general NTT infrastructure or something else.

Information on winter events, barely progressing on eroge, nothing much else as I was mostly doing the house moving (and cleaning etc) this week. Still terrible finance.

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Weekly post delayed (even further)

I failed to catch up my feeds last night so I thought I’ll clear it up and write up the usual post tonight. But then my head decided to not cooperate and have headache instead.

On the bright side, there will be quite a few more goods and potentially news for this week’s post but I’m not sure about next week’s.

Now excuse me as I head for bed… +_+

Oh and stock market still going down certainly isn’t helping.