Digest Vol. 25 – Chikotam \o/

Natsu-iro Kokoro Log - Cutes everywhere

Natsu-iro Kokoro Log – Cutes everywhere

Two weekends, two Yomeyaba routes (Kanna and Serika). Three main routes, one harem route, and two mini-routes left, I think. Story is okay-ish with Nanaka-senpai being the best and unfortunately I still don’t quite like one-eye-covered style of Serika.

The soundtrack reminds me of Your Diary. Well, same composer after all.

At this rate I’ll need at least another week or two to finish the rest which hopefully enough for next eroge release day (December 18th). Ideally I should finish this by next weekend and finish Koikake afterwards.

…which then will be followed by JK Trouble Main”s or just try finishing up Delivara since I’m not sure one week is enough to finish the former and I kinda want to prioritize Quintuple Splash.

Denkigai official items pre-order has been started! My current list:



New tapestries! And nothing else.


Yomeyaba! Yui! That cat ears is still a mystery. Melonbooks bonus, obtained through YJA.

More Yomeyaba! Little sister! Kirino. No, not the other Kirino which is also a little sister. This one is infinitely better than the other one. Goodwill store bonus, obtained from YJA as well.


Even more Yomeyaba! This one is Kanna! Now I look again, she is this game’s only main heroine on same year as protagonist. Sofmap store bonus, obtained through Comshop.


And the best one from Yomeyaba, Nanaka-senpai. Can’t wait to play through her route but as usual I’m playing through the best last. This one is Trader store bonus, obtained from YJA as well. With this, I managed to get all Yomeyaba store bonus tapestries \o/ Combined with tapestry from Push which should arrive around next week, I’ll momentarily have all Yomeyaba tapestries. Until I lost the title next month because I didn’t buy Melonbooks’ special tapestries because I didn’t actually plan to get them all. Oh well.


…from PriministAr to fulfill Comshop’s free shipping minimum. Still no plan to actually play the game. Now I look again I probably better of getting Karumaruka Circle tapestries instead.


Found in YJA while doing other unrelated search. Yurika from Whirlpool’s Magicalic Sky High. Of course by Mamizu. Double suede material though the image can use a bit more contrast. Overall pretty good though.

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