Digest Vol. 15 – Holiday is over.

sorakoi-720x320-1I forgot to mention in last post but it was Silver Week this week with holidays from Monday to Wednesday, allowing me to immerse myself in eroge. And finished Mousou Complete! Woo \o/

With this, I’m only two games away from February releases.

Onward to Flowering Sky. …finished Yumi’s route already. Now going through Asuha’s route. At this rate I might really be able to start February games in October? We’ll see.




244Waterproof tapestry week. \o/ Manazuru Misaki from Natsu no iro no nostalgia, bonus tapestry from Medio!. Saw this for 2200 JPY at one of second hand store. Took a while to actually grab it because I need another 500 JPY before free shipping applies…

243…which is fulfilled by this another waterproof tapestry. Except this one is actually more expensive that the other one. Nanase Sena from Koisuru kanojo no bukiyou na butai, bonus tapestry from Medio!. Still not sure if I’ll ever play the game but I kind of like her.

203Did I say waterproof tapestry week? Yeah, because I got total four of them this week. This is my first completely uncensored tapestry. Little (?) sister Mana, “school uniform temptation sex” tapestry (see how awesome my translation is). Mostly great except for the boobs part.202And the second one from same batch, and just as uncensored. Titled, “ブルマ発情えっち” (I tried to translate it but I don’t know the matching English word). Released on same date, doubling the wallet damage.

2015-09-26 13.16.05They come with drama CDs as well. 99% ero content for 40 minutes. Really light on censor. I should’ve bought them during Denkigai instead of pre-ordering through Sofmap. Not only I only got them much later but also paid extra 8% tax.

232Shiranui Inori from Hanasaki Workspring!. The one I failed to get during Comiket. Ordering it online costed me extra 1400 JPY ;_;

242Have been intending to get this one since it’s first available (December 2014). Thankfully still available even now. Original illustration from Ikegami Akane.

2015-09-27 12.26.13Not porn for once :D OST for Kokoro ga sakebitagatterunda (also known as The Anthem of the Heart). It’s actually quite rare for me to buy anime OST (usually just OP/ED singles) but I really like the movie and there are quite a lot of songs inside as well since the movie contains musicals.

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