Digest Vol. 13

Quiet week. Next week, together with release of monthly Push and Tech Gian, is announcement week.


  • K-Books celebrating their 21st anniversary and will be giving out bonus tapestry for spending over 10000 JPY. One of the tapestries are Chikotam’s. I hate this kind of event ;_;
  • Quintuple Splash store bonuses information is up. Kind of.



Not many stuff this week. Or more like this is the only stuff. Another tapestry from Melonbooks. R-18 edition this time, illustrated by Yukie.


From Dracu-Riot!. Just because. At least I’m not paying full price though there’s slight defect in it. Fortunately not visible from afar. And then I noticed there’s no naked ribbon Airi (yet?). I haven’t even played any Yuzu-Soft games \o/


Finished Loverec. The final ending was interesting. Individual routes are pretty good as well though I find the first half a bit boring and the protagonist isn’t quite of my liking (art and personality-wise). Harem route was kind of fun even if it’s not really my thing – unless there’s extra twist like in Clover Day’s Izumi extra scene. And I still don’t like Narumi Yuu’s illustrations after all.

Overall took about three weeks. Still need to improve my pace 🙁

Onward to Mousou Complete! ( ‘.’)/ Originally planning for Flowering Sky (that’s why I played Alia’s Carnival in the first place!) but I feel I’ve had enough Alia’s Carnival for a while and thus my plan is backfired.

Long weekend next week. We’ll see how far I can go.

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