Digest Vol. 12



  • Site for Whirlpool’s 10th Year Anniversary Work has been opened. I’m counting 12 heroines in there.
  • Giga’s next game will be illustrated by Konomi.
  • Yuzuna Hiyo from minori created an original hug pillow cover. Comes with drama CD. And somehow I can identify the voice actress immediately (the other Ogura Yui, who also voiced Hakoniwa Logic’s Iriya Koko).
  • Stuffs from this month’s Moeoh are up for pre-order. Interesting one is Shiromochi Sakura’s original hug pillow cover.
  • There’s also from G’s magazine. Thinking of getting that Bekkankou tapestry… Or maybe not! Dunno.




Got this for about one thousand cheaper than its full price. First Tatekawa Mako tapestry I have.

2015-09-01 09.18.14

Wakaba <3 And thus one left for Hanasaki Workspring hug pillow series I’ll be getting.


\o/ Kind of random.


Should’ve bought this one at the event. Could’ve saved 700 JPY.

2015-09-04 23.54.56

Because I really need another game. Not 😐 It’s like collection Steam games, except I bought them full price (or at least not so cheap) and takes up physical space.


Took so long. Usual thin material. The print is okay. I think this is my first Nanaroba Hana tapestry. She seems to be wearing panties but doesn’t seem so from sides? It’s a mystery.


Spent most of my Melonbooks points for this. There’s another interesting one from Ryohka but I guess I prefer this one after all. Thigh-highs power.

2015-09-05 19.09.36

The included clear file and hand towel.

2015-09-06 23.23.18

Unrelated, but those are pillow covers I haven’t opened with the leftmost one being the earliest I bought (in this photo) which was around early this year.


Finished Imouto no Seiiki. Took me about 4 days. Not too bad, especially considering it’s a nukige. The game containing not much words apart of daily life ones sure helps.

Continuing with Loverec. Finished Miyuki’s route and thus concluded the Narumi Yuu’s characters. Until harem route, at least. Onward to Nori (and I can’t go to Hitomi before completing the others anyway).

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