Digest Vol. 218: Things happen

Okita summer! Yay. Also there was Comiket. And then there’s no money in my wallet (and bank account). Barely any news, probably still tired from all the events. There should be a bit more news next week.

Oh and almost no progress on eroge.


Non-news links

New stuff

AMR Okita bag from the goods set. It’s in separate photo because I forgot about it. Looks usable for events.

Melonbooks latest Under wears series. With bonus shikishi and thin manga. Not many interesting illustrations, to be honest.

Day 3 Comiket. The day with most circles on my list.

And then the day 4. Four circles total.

Thanks to a friend I didn’t need to queue for Tinkle.

I also noticed the print quality of the acrylic panel (the one on top left) isn’t too good in term of color reproduction but looking at photos of another similar thing it looks like it’s just how they usually look like. Thanks a bit sad but oh well. Also I need to make space to actually use it.

Button badge bonus from buying Jiku-Chu’s C96 Kantoku tapestry (see below). I never had any use for them.

Usual Comiket drink (empy bottle as I didn’t take photo before opening it). Unfortunately due to space constraint, I may end up disposing my bottles collection which includes 6 years worth of Comiket drinks.

Jiku-Chu C96 tapestry illustrated by Kantoku. More of the lewd twins. Yay. Nice fingers slip. He should make R-18 book of them.

Riddle Joker C96 Ayase large tapestry from Toypla.

I don’t usually buy their tapestries anymore as they’re usually rather low in quality but Ayase double suede tapestry is a bit of exception. The print isn’t too bad though still a bit blurry.

Otherwise, it’s the usual “on bad, naked” tapestry series. Interesting they added school tag(?) thingy on the top right corner making it a bit like ads for some lewd school(?).

And lastly the first doujin T-shirt I’ve ever bought. Okita-san in swimsuit by A.M.R (Ikegami Akane).

Eroge playthrough

I didn’t finish Atropos last weekend. I barely progressed at all this whole week thanks to various other things.

Non-eroge stuff


FGO JP, Okita summer (almost) confirmed! Now only need to wait until she actually appears in the story and that she’s available for summon. Normal prediction says next week so we’ll find out whether I’ll finally spend all gems and tickets I’ve been saving for at least a year (I think). I considered streaming it but I don’t think 1000 single pulls will be interesting and the latency seems pretty bad as well (phone → PC → stream) and that’s without audio.

As for FGO NA, I’m mostly done with the event and only need to clean up the remaining not so important store items. Oh and the last event CE so I can limit break them. At worst I’ll need to hold on them until the rerun next year.

Daily life

Sold one thing last week for about over 70% loss. At least it’s something. This weekend doesn’t look good either and I should put up some more stuff for auction.

And as the events are mostly done, I really need to look into selling as many doujinshi I don’t quite have interest in anymore. And maybe pack in some tapestries which have been up for weeks without any bid.

Stock is still dead. Worse than last year, I think.

Overall, thanks to all the events and some other unrelated stuff, it looks like I’m taking quite a hit for this month. Auction is doing pretty poorly as well.

Event log (Comiket 96)

Day 1

Had some stuff to do until 2 so I arrived at the event a bit past 15:00. Due to more days, it ended at 16:00 by the way.

It was corporate area which is not at Big Sight so that’s new. Also pretty easy access as long one doesn’t need to go to Big Sight. No wristband ticket check so that was useless.

As it was pretty late, there weren’t any lines on all the booths I planned. So it was pretty quick affair. Only missed Kadokawa’s Moeoh illustration books which was expected.

Day 2

Nothing because I didn’t go.

Day 3

Due to another stuff I had to do, I only arrived around 9:30. My batch walked a long way and apparently some people got heat stroke due to all the walking around almost deserted areas without enough staff. Angers, complaints, apologies, etc ensued afterwards.

Anyway, I myself got in around 11:50 which was annoying late. Still got almost all the stuff I planned though which is nice. Including the last copy of rurudo’s art book. I did miss on Hisuitei’s mini shikishi gacha. That one didn’t last as long as I hoped.

Looking again I can even skip this day and just grab everything from Melonbooks. I don’t know how much more expensive it’ll end up at though.

Just like first day, there wasn’t any wristband check when I entered.

Day 4

I planned to do first train this day but it didn’t happen thanks to me overslept.

I ended up arriving around 8:10, then queued at east hall parking area which was the sample place I queued the previous day though without roundabout walking and with sitting down. Still quite a far walk to the entrance though.

Entered hall around 10:30, I think? Headed up to A.M.R first (no line), bought everything, followed by Animal Herb (no line) nearby. Then went up to another hall and got Garayou’s book (also no line). Done at 11:20, waited a bit for a friend to pick up Tinkle goods, followed by finally going home.

Probably one of the fastest Comiket day I’ve ever had.


I should reconsider just buying as many things from store as possible.

Closing words

Mmmm 3:27 in the morning.

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