Digest Vol. 216: RIP Boxes

More news for summer events. Somehow relatively fast eroge play. Nothing exciting on YJA though. New month, new balance sheet.


Non-news links

New stuff

Original manga/illustrations by Ikegami Akane from Comiket 73. As the year indicated, it’s from almost over 12 years ago. The style less polished of course but I think the main “feel” is there already.

Bought this from Suruga-Ya as I was a bit curious how it looked like.

Nekonin 3 complete pack. The only title I bought last month. Contains everything from beginning so I should go sell the first two. Too bad I can’t sell the digital versions I bought.

Upon opening the game assets using a ripping tool, I also learned the images are in 1080p even though the game itself is only 720p. Weird.

Comiket goods from Tora no Ana illustrated by Ikegami Akane. Or so I think as the details are light.

Top is folder with ties, and the bottom is A4 hard case with handle and stuff. Looks pretty good for storing Comiket books.

And lastly the reason I bought a bunch of craps from Suruga-Ya, tapestry of Choco by Ikegami Akane. It’s from 2012 and the illustration is still a bit derp. Not sure if want to keep but it was cheap-ish.

The material is rather interesting. It feels like cloth but also almost paper. And the print is rather horrible with weird textures overall. Also as Suruga-Ya mentioned, it’s quite dirty. I can’t even wash it as the ends are held using stapler(?).

Eroge playthrough

Done with Sakura. And Ruri. The latter was rather unexpected but it was quite short with pretty good pacing. Pretty interesting as well with Ruri best heroine so far. Now onward to Hakua and hopefully it’s sufficiently interesting.

Non-eroge stuff

FGO JP, finished grinding summer rerun. Still quite a lot of stuff in store but I have a lot of them already. Even the CEs. With that, I’m heading to Prison Tower and usual mana prism grind. Looking forward to their announcements this Sunday.

FGO NA, grinding slowly for Ishtar Race. I’m running out of apple. Current race part not giving out free apples isn’t helping either.

Rewatched Tenki no ko for the third time. As I mentioned last week, the buildup made the pretty moving ending.

Daily life

Sold four items with only 18% loss. Yay. Didn’t put up anything new as I was busy with eroge this week.

Last month ended pretty well with a bit over my usual target. It’s not enough to cover last few months’ negatives though.

Stock is underperforming at the moment. Not really big problem but annoying regardless.

With Cabbit’s title delayed to October, I have nothing for this month. There’s Senmomo FD next month but I’ll probably only get it from Amazon so it’s not really high priority.

No idea about summer events yet. I still have quite a lot budget for it as the month has barely started.

Closing words

I really need to sleep now…

Update 2019-10-20: A bit clarification on censor on Chikotam artbook.

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