Digest Vol. 215: What was it again

I had an idea for the title but now completely forgotten.

Summer events info have started coming in. A bit slow on eroge. Even more FGO grinding. This month’s finance seems fine.


Non-news links

New stuff

Sountrack of Weathering With You (Tenki no Ko). The only new stuff this week. Not preordered because I keep forgetting about it.

Eroge playthrough

Done with Noa and now one third of Sakura (maybe).

Non-eroge stuff

FGO JP, slowly grinding for summer rerun. A bit slower than I wanted. Maybe will rush a bit this weekend.

FGO NA, slowly grinding as well. Same deal as above. There’s just limit how far one can go without apples.

Tenki no ko! That was good. Different to Your Name and started quite a bit slower. It built up nicely for the ending though. I like the ending.

Daily life

Sold five items last week but two of them haven’t been paid for yet which is annoying. If all goes well, it’ll be 50% loss. Lowered some of the starting bid. We’ll see how it goes.

That said, summer events are in two weeks. And I haven’t prepared anything yet lol.

At the moment, I should have good amount of savings for this month. A bit above my target.

Closing words

Early! Yay. Except I need to wake up early tomorrow/today for certain reason.

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