Digest Vol. 214: Another quiet-ish week

Not much news either this week. Quite a few new stuff though. Eroge as usual…ish. More FGO grinding. Not sure about finance this month.


Non-news links

New stuff

More pillow cover from Kinkoi. Or Kinkoi GT to be a bit more precise. Pillow cover of Ria Maria. Unfortunately the front side don’t show any important bits and even the back side doesn’t show the most important bits. Details here. I hope it’s just this one time because Sagaplanets usually do way better than this.

After many centuries, I finally decided to grab this Medio store bonus tapestry of Mamiya. Well, the only not-Mamiya heroine in the title.

Unfortunately the print isn’t all that good with the color feels a bit rough and the lines seem a bit blurry. The logo is surprisingly (rather) sharp but that’s kind of pointless.

Thin material which is not quite common for Medio.

Naked apron as usual with some fluid running through her crotch. Can use knee-socks but oh well. Rather nice embarrassed expression.

C96 catalog and the accompanying books from Melonbooks. Four of the extra books are actually bundled and only two are additional purchases. Pretty expensive for thin books as well. This is the first time I bought paper catalog and it sure is heavy.

And the only extra stuff I got from Melonbooks C96 goods. Yet another tapestry illustrated by Kanekiyo Miwa.

This is the fourth, I think? I sold one of them and thinking again I may want to buy it again lmao. Maybe if I find cheap deal for it.

Double suede material with a bit blurry print. Not too bad.

View of a pair of naked almost-flat-chested girls from the back. One of them showing nipple even which is great. Liking the expressions as well.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Kanon route and now halfway through Noa.

Non-eroge stuff

FGO JP, finished one grind (Gudaguda Finale) and now on another grind (Summer rerun). My apples are running low so it’ll be taking it slowly.

As for FGO NA, currently done-ish grinding Summer rerun with only mana prisms left to be obtained. Next stage of grinding will start this Saturday, I think?

Tenki no ko this Friday. Hopefully the story will be close to Your Name. It’s Makoto Shinkai and there’s no telling how it’ll go.

Daily life

Sold nothing last week. It’s bee a while since I had a week this bad.

At any rate, I put up more stuff. I managed to sort my tapestries as well which is great because some of them buried my main stash.

Even then there are still quite a lot more tapestries to be sold ;_;

Lastly, on savings, after Nekonin 3 I should have about 40k available for Cuffs goods… and nothing else.

On eroge preorders, I still haven’t preordered Cabbit’s Torikago from Getchu and Amazon. I also haven’t paid in full for Sofmap and Melonbooks. Beyond that there will be Senmomo FD though as there doesn’t seem to be any interesting bonus I may end up just buying it from Amazon. Those will be next month. Together with Comiket.

This will be fun.

Closing words

I only had 5 hours of sleep last night despite having prepared to sleep early.

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