Digest Vol. 213: Quiet week

Barely any news this week. No new stuff even. Eroge as usual. A bit more FGO and anime than usual though. Rather fine finance for this month, at least.


And that’s it.

Non-news links

New stuff

Nothing! Yay. There are two tapestries coming tomorrow or something but there’s nothing for this week’s post.

Eroge playthrough

Halfway through Kanon route? Still quite slow but at least it’s something, hey.

Non-eroge stuff

On FGO JP, currently grinding the event. I probably shouldn’t bother doing event on my old account but I did anyway. Yay. Oh and I got the new servants over there as I’m not saving for anything. There goes all my SSR luck, I guess.

…is what I would say had I not get Sherlock with 21 pulls total. That also marks my very first SSR that’s not guaranteed. I did get Jeanne (the original) from guaranteed SSR which is nice, I guess. Now I have two SSR Rulers – something I’ve never had before. It also means all my SSR servants in NA account are Ruler. Now I just need mats and exp cards. A lot of them.

Almost the bare minimum for guaranteed SSR pull

Maybe will do another 10 pulls for Fuyuki pickup. The servants there are quite useful. If I can get anything at all, that is.

I don’t remember if I said I started watching Banana Fish. That I did, now up to episode 7. Thinking again, I should’ve finished my midway backlogs first before starting anything new.

Daily life

Sold a bit more stuff at total of about 40% loss. Better than last week but far from good.

I think I put up some more stuff this week. And I probably should start lowering starting bid sometime this or next month.

As for savings this month, it still looks quite okay. Not much leeway but should last me enough as least for this month. Assuming I don’t do any more random big spending, of course.

Closing words

I need some sleep.

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