Digest Vol. 212: RIP 2019H1

Some new tapestries and pillow covers. Nothing much else on news side. Onigyu H finally released. So did some other stuff. Slowly played some eroge, watched some movies, and preparing for FGO event. And lastly slow start on money wasting side.


Non-news links

New stuff

Kin-iro loveriche best sound album. I didn’t actually check what’s inside and what am I even missing considering I already have the previous complete sound track.

Bonus of this month’s Moeoh. Didn’t know they included an extra booklet so an order was placed right away. Pretty interesting content though I’m not sure if it’s worth the price.

I should remember to send the survey postcard.

Last month’s release, Onigyu H. The extra copies went to auction right away but no one bought them ;_;

Apparently the best bonus for watching Prisma Phantasm. Wish it’s drawn by Hiroshi themselves.

Tapestry bonus of Onigyuh from Getchu. Nice costume.

Thin material with some assembling required. Finished by ironing it clean. The print is pretty good.

And then from Melonbooks. Same deal as above except no assembly required.

Interesting both this and Getchu seem to be in same room just different side. Also she’s holding her pillow. Thankfully no golden water in sight.

And lastly from Tora no ana. Still same deal.

Unlike previous two which they wear their usual home clothing, for this one she wears hakama which is new for this fandisk.

And that’s it. I don’t buy Sora tapestries ;_; (I actually did get one for the CD but the tapestry went straight to auction)

Eroge playthrough

A quarter way through Kanon route. Pretty slow at the moment.

Non-eroge stuff

Event starts later today. Thank god the new Takeuchi-drawn lancer is welfare. The new R berserker may or may not be interesting but I’m saving for summer Okita which hopefully will come this year? Otherwise I may end up with over 1000 rolls if it’s next year. I’m currently at a 827 rolls.

Watched Illya’s Prisma Phantasm and Spider-Man FFH. Both are pretty good though Prisma Phantasm is a bit short at just about an hour.

Nothing much else apart of also watched first episode of Banana Fish. May or may not continue.

Daily life

Sold some stuff at total of over 60% loss ( ‘_’)a

Oh well.

Let’s see how it goes this week. I think I should put up some more stuff as well… if I’m not feeling lazy.

Finished last month with 32k short from my usual target. Isn’t too bad considering all craps I bought.

No big spending in sight for this month… yet. Now I check it, there really is nothing for me this month. Well maybe K-Books tapestry end of this month and Melonbooks tapestry sometime this week. There’s also some old tapestry I’ve been holding back from purchasing. Those shouldn’t be too bad though.

The major purchase may come from usual Cuffs summer goods end of this month.

If there’s extra budget, I may buy DAL S3 blu-rays.

Stock market at usual up and down at the moment. Perhaps the best news is my Nikkei fund is finally back to initial price.

Closing words

I actually managed to wake up early these last few days. With questionable impact on my health because I didn’t sleep enough for most of them.

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