Digest Vol. 211: New stuff here and there

Summer event announcements have started trickling in. Bought some stuff and also discovered some stuff I haven’t posted. Not much progress on eroge thanks to preparing all the stuff for auction.


Non-news links

New stuff

This one wasn’t planned. I’ve been considering on and off for this but finally gotten one from the Cuffs warehouse sale.

Ririka from Mamiya. The only non-siblings heroine from the title.

Nanoha Detonation. The last one from their latest series.

This one actually arrived last week but I forgot to take its photo. Still hasn’t been opened.

Yosuga no sora sound track. Another item from Cuffs warehouse sale. This one is pretty expensive on second hand market. All that’s left is the game, maxi single, its fandisc, and the rather rare drama CD.

Another Yosuga stuff, Sofmap bonus CD. Gotten for cheap from YJA. Despite the cover, the content is just plain slice of life.

Somehow I still watch this Girls und Panzer. The finale episode 2 bonus shikishi.

More shikishi, this one is from Cabbit’s Kagi o kakushita kago no tori. Slightly damaged on the corner. Yukie \o/

That said, the pose seems a bit weird.

Item from earlier this month. There’s slight problem so I had to send this back for replacement.

Kin’iro Love Riche Golden Time tapestry from BugBug 2019-02. Double suede, pretty good print (with one problematic dot even after replacement but I don’t want to bother anymore).

Thighhighs! Nopan! Or covered by hands and quite wet as well. The only problem is the background is quite boring. Would’ve been if it’s bed or sofa or whatever.

This one isn’t remotely new – Kinkoi GT tapestry from Sofmap. Double suede with nice print which is great. I probably should play this sometime soon.

I couldn’t find any photo of this so here it is now.

Thighhighs! Nopan! …wait I said that before already. The better thing about this is it’s got nice background. I also like her inviting expression.

Eroge playthrough

I think I’m almost past Atropos’ common route. Seems pretty good so far though the progress is very slow.

Non-eroge stuff

Still nothing much on FGO as no event on either NA nor JP. Clearing AP as usual.

Watched some movies like Garupan and Promare. Pretty good. Still need to watch Illya’s Carnival Phantasm.

Daily life

Sold some more stuff. At 30% loss but still nice additional income as I need as much as I can this month. That said, I need another 30k for my usual savings target thanks to the random spending I did.

Put up even more stuff as I planned. Hopefully they sell well.

Overall though, my monthly savings average is still fine. Yay?

Closing words

Much better now but my nose is currently running non-stop. Maybe I should sleep now.

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