Digest Vol. 210: Few stuff

Barely anything this week. Some new Ikegami Akane stuff but pretty much nothing else. Also I’m half dead with burning throat and quite a bit higher than normal body temperature.


Non-news links

New stuff

Blanket by A.M.R from C95. It’s half the size of what I usually use but it’s got hooks which is nice. Also quite a lot larger than the Yukie one I got centuries ago.

More Apollo pillow cover \o/

Very explicit on both sides. Great purchase.

And then Choco. Same deal as above.

All the items are from single order, yes.

I also noticed some of the images are blurry. The phone camera is rather shit and it’s quite a bit harder to take stable photo. It’s also missing rule of third grid.

Eroge playthrough

Still nothing as I was catching up stuff last weekend and currently half dying ;_;

I ended up starting Atropos instead because of reasons.

Non-eroge stuff

Done grinding FGO NA and nothing much else.

Read over half of last Elf hero book during my return trip. Probably should just finish it soon.

Daily life

Sold some stuff. Yahoo changed their search to now include adult items in the general search which is nice.

Put up some more stuff as planned though there are still quite a lot more to put up. Maybe later.

That also reminded me I haven’t started on Suruga-Ya stuff.

Overall, I’m still at least 30k short of my usual monthly savings. And if I count the one from last month, it becomes over 100k shortage.

Closing words

I really need to sleep.

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