Digest Vol. 205: Questionably okay week

Some new… stuff. Ebooks and hug pillow covers and other stuff. Good progress on eroge as well. Not much on finance though as I’m feeling lazy at the moment.


Non-news links

New stuff

An ancient single for Busou Renkin’s opening song Makka na chikai. Slowly buying songs I pirated back then (and now).

Unlike the Busou Renkin single which was pretty cheap, this Code Geass one is barely cheaper compared to its original price. Probably also has something to do with the latest movie premiere recently. Has all the important openings and endings. Including of course Jibun o.

More bonus postcard shikishi from Lose Ci-En. I haven’t looked much into it but apparently they’re going for all ages shikishi? Rather sad censorship there.

And lastly the non-lewd version of old Getchu tapestry illustrated by Ikegami Akane. This one is B4 sized, with thin material. The print itself seems fine. It just makes a nice small tapestry. Would be even better if double suede but at least the better version is.

Eroge playthrough

Managed to finish Nanagi route! Pretty fast compared to how I’ve been doing recently. Not much surprise but still pretty nice overall. Just like Minami, pretty slow midway and then ended up with a bang.

Onward to Kei. Seems like this involves quite a bit of Ruru as well instead of just Kei. Still pretty good so far at around 20% in.

Non-eroge stuff

Nothing much on FGO. The new event doesn’t have any grinding (yet?) either. Which means more time for other stuff.

I don’t remember if I watched anything last week. Oh right I didn’t, but I made some progress on FGO stories instead. That actually took good chunk of my weekend.

Daily life

Pretty bare auction last week. I don’t think it’ll improve much this week as I haven’t done anything. It’ll also be the last week for this month as I’ll be leaving sometime later for some weeks.

As previously mentioned, I needed to buy plane tickets and that I did last week. Also bought and pre-ordered some other stuff like the Maria pillow cover mentioned above.

My savings for this month is still floating around the safe-ish range so it’s a good thing.

I still haven’t done any eroge pre-orders. There are only Onigyu H and Nekonin 3 on my sure buy list at the moment. That Onigyu H will cost me 32k at most and Nekonin 3 another 7k. Marmalade’s Study Steady is most likely a no go. ASa Project’s Koikari is currently on questionable state as well. I’d say about ~60% probably a no go. Similar story for Heliodor’s World Actor though it’s still pretty high on ~maybe~. My backlog is quite long so I really need to cut back on new stuff.

I thought I bought fewer eroges this year. Then I checked my list only to find out I bought 7 titles so far. Whoops. Two shorts, two fandiscs, and three full prices. Of them, three weren’t initially planned.

So, yeah, I think I’ve bought enough random titles for now and should skip as many as possible. Apart of the two already on my list, there will be one new title from Cabbit, and probably another one from Yuzu-Soft.

It’s rather unlikely for a new title from Hulotte – at least for this year. Curiously enough Ikegami Akane removed mention to Hulotte titles in her twitter profile after adding message looking for job a while back. Add the fact that Kanekiyo Miwa left Cube and already doing something else, it makes for some delicious speculations. Just spare me from DRM craps.

Closing words

Oh hey it’s still Wednesday here. Now back to Relay broadcast…

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