Digest Vol. 204: Very quiet

There’s barely anything this week. Everyone is still recovering from Golden Week, I guess. There isn’t even new stuff. I made some good progress on eroge which is nice. And no major change to budgeting stuff… yet?


Non-news links

New stuff

Nothing this week.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Minami route. It ended with a blast. Well, with a bit of epilogue to clear some stuff off. Pretty interesting overall.

Then discovered some of the routes are locked and only Nanagi route is open now. Oh well. She’s pretty brutal. I think I’m like 10% into her route at the moment.

Non-eroge stuff

Finished all FGO events including the challenge quest – twice, first one with plain brute force and second one with more strategy copied from someone else.

Nothing much else. Not even MCU movies. I did watch El Melloi II Case Files episode 0 though.

Daily life

Last auctions netted me a bit over 30k thanks to more of 9-haruiro stuff. Still quite a bit of loss but not too bad. I doubt there will be anything interesting for next week. Oh and I still haven’t put up anything new. Maybe next weekend.

I think I sold off most of the unused computer parts now. There are still one MiniDP to VGA adapter and a Fujitsu TX100 S3p server left but I think I can still use them somehow. I especially like the server. It just doesn’t have enough space for more hard drives.

On investment, all of my stocks are diving down at the moment apparently thanks to long holiday and new development on US-China trade or something. I don’t know ┐(°~° )┌

I’ll just hold on like any other times.

Random extra

As there’s no new stuff this week, here’s a random photo of somewhere around Tokyo Imperial Palace. I finally went there after over 5 years living in/around Tokyo.

Closing words

Not quite Wednesday early as I would’ve liked but still better than the last few posts. I’ve been sleeping early recently and I’m doing the same tonight.

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