Digest Vol. 203: Days off!

There are some new tapestries and pillow covers (from last event) and Shuffle! sequel after 15 years. I also made some progress on eroge. And lastly my finance is still doing relatively fine. Oh and I remember pressing the publish button this time around.


Non-news links

New stuff

More OST of something I haven’t played. This one is from Sakura, moyu, and possibly one of the more expensive OST I bought.

Usual book from 9th Eshi 100, with a couple of mini shikishi from the event and Melonbooks.

The stuff from the event, including the now-redundant doujinshi from Mugen Kidou A. Oh well. That yuricest book from Botsugo is probably my favorite. Also in there possibly my first fridge magnet from Ichigo Size.

At only three artbooks, there sure are lots of ero manga this time around.

Eroge playthrough

Entered Relay broadcast’s Minami route. The story seems to be moderately interesting so far with various random jokes inserted here and there.

I sure hope I can finish it today. We’ll see.

Non-eroge stuff

Finished first part of FGO event including store items (except monuments which are optional). Next part is still over one day away so I can have a break in the mean time.

Nothing much else. I should probably slip in one or two MCU movies in between during this week off.

Daily life

Last auctions netted me almost 30k most of which are thanks to 9-haruiro stuff. There is still one last pillow cover from that left but I’m happy enough already having the rest of them sold for quite a good price.

I really need to at least auction my Hazuki pillow cover already. And five other covers I already marked for auction. Meanwhile tapestries, I haven’t done anything with it yet ┐(°~° )┌

Probably tomorrow or Saturday. Or failing that, next weekend.

Still on selling items, I should start cleaning up my doujinshi collection as well. The “temporary” pile is getting a bit high at the moment especially thanks to the latest addition from Comic1. I don’t quite have idea yet how I’ll do this one though.

As for finance, it’s doing okay. Nothing planned for this month apart of the flight ticket and maybe some pre-orders.

Talking about pre-orders, I’m still not sure about World Actor and Koikari. While seem rather interesting – especially the former as it doesn’t seem to be usual school stuff – I’m still heavily backlogged and the illustrators are not high on my list (or at all in case of Koikari). They’re still few months away anyway so I have plenty of time to think about it.

Event log (Comic1-15)

I woke up late as planned and arrived at the event around 11:00. Still a long line outside and got in like 20 minutes later. Relatively uneventful with almost no queue for my list. I did miss on Kantoku and QP:flapper and Tomose Shunsaku. Skipped Ryohka because the book was monochrome. Oh and missed the copy book from Yukiu Con. None of them are major problem as I went to Akiba afterwards.

In the end I was done around 12:20 and then proceeded to have some meet up and checked character1 etc (I have nothing for it though).

One of the less eventful events this time. Small area to cover helped as well.

With it out of the way, next event would be summer’s Denkigai and Comiket (in its new temporary format).

Closing words

Oh hey it’s 4:00. I think I should go sleep now. Writing this post took longer than I expected.

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