Digest Vol. 201: Very Slow

Some interesting news, and a bit of new stuff, and finally finished Tearstilla, and relatively okay finance.


Non-news links

New stuff

Melonbooks artbooks for Comic1-15. Nothing much interesting but I need the catalog anyway so I figured might as well grab it

Some old books from Sino. I think I’m only missing Fate Bako Another now. Couldn’t find it anyuwhere. Got these from Suruga-Ya for a bit more than I should.

Not actually from this week but I forgot about it last week. Clear poster Sofmap bonus of pieces.

My current favorite heroine from this series. The title seems to be getting pretty good rating on EGS as well. I don’t know when I’ll get around playing it though ,_,

Now I think about it they used to have shitajiki but since around last year they switched to posters.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Tearstilla. Yay. Took 100 days according to my logs. Really need to get distracted less.

Ena route wasn’t much with curious short burst of story at the end. And lastly the Riru route had confusing start and equally confusing ending.

Overall it started okay but got really slow towards the end and the ending was rather unsatisfactory.

Interesting my favorite heroine order ended up at Ena → Riru → Marine → Mitsuki. Ena jumped quite a lot. Could use a better story though.

So last time I decided to start from the oldest I purchased but then I changed my mind a bit to the oldest release. Except I didn’t want to dig up my stash so I started the oldest I have ripped already instead which interestingly is Relay Broadcast. I already started a bit of it last year, and not only that, this exact system backup I used few months ago to restore my main desktop already has it installed.

It’s quite fun so far (and with Strike Witches reference) and hopefully stays that way the entire run. I’ll find out. And hopefully not in 100 days.

Non-eroge stuff

Finished the FGO event rerun. Or at least up to before the epilogue and the extra map. It would be nice if they don’t raise difficulty for challenge quest too much. I don’t want to spend too much time on it.

Watched latest Conan movie (hey it’s the domain name of this blog) and it was fun. Especially interesting the relevant people in it actually speak English most of the time. Kind of want to go to Marina Bay just to see the fancy hotel rooftop thingy directly.

Daily life

About 30% profit this week after price adjustment. I wasn’t expecting people to bid over 3000 yen for my old Samsung 250GB SSD. And the wireless keyboard was also sold for way more than I expected for such an old component. The rest, tapestries and games were sold for quite a lot less than the original price. Oh well.

Finished cleaning my MacBook and put it up for auction with 50k starting bid. Kind of curious if anyone will bite on it and for how much. 60k would be nice. It will be the most expensive thing I sold through auction.

Also put up one pillow cover. There’s another one I should put up as well but a bit too lazy at the moment. And as I write this paragraph, I realized this is the last auction week for me this month thanks to long holiday end of this month. Oh well.

Still no progress on that stupid seller. Maybe I should just write it off.

Stock seems to be doing okay with 4% return at the moment.

Overall my balance is looking pretty good and should be fine for the events end of this month. And even for the plane ticket next month. Yay.

Closing words

A bit early today. Well, still one day late as I ended up dead last night. I guess I can continue relay broadcast a bit until my laundry finishes.

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