Digest Vol. 200: Some new stuff

Some interesting-ish news and new stuff. Barely anything else; especially eroge playthrough ,_,


Non-news links

New stuff

Pieces voice drama DLCs. Now I have all of them. All that’s left is actually playing the game.

Artbook by Moeoh. Pretty good for the some artists and not so much for the rest. Well, business as usual.

Not sure why I got this but I did. Tapestry of Sakura, moyu, Getchu bonus. Relatively rare pose. Nice the big boobs aren’t really standing out.

Usual thin material with okay print quality.

And in the end I got all my very initial plan for this series. Whoops.

More Pieces store bonus tapestry. This one is from Melonbooks. That’s one lewd live. Nice knee socks.

Usual thin material with okay print.

And lastly Pieces tapestry from Tora no Ana. A bit large than I would like but ehhh. Also too bad it’s not knee socks.

More of usual thin material and okay print. Also more of the normal tapestry from Tora no Ana.

Eroge playthrough

More slow progress because… slow progress. I think I passed at least the latter half of the route. Should be able to finish the whole thing this weekend.

Non-eroge stuff

FGO event has ended.

Watched Trinity Seven movie. It was short and quite packed just like the previous one. The animation is a bit derp at times but everything else is pretty good. Still liking the music. Maybe I should buy the OST or something. I haven’t looked into it at all.

Daily life

More 50% loss week. At least it’s 30k.

Still need to finish cleaning the MacBook and put it up for auction. Not sure how much it’ll sell for. Hopefully at least 30k.

I think I also put up some tapestries.

Not much update from last week. Oh the auction seller for Pieces seems like quitting and refunding everyone and selling their stuff for cheaper or something. I guess it would be nice if I can get my money back.

Closing words

Still not enough sleep.

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