Digest Vol. 189: Wrong route

My emoji keyboard randomly stopped showing up. Good job, Windows. A bit of eroge news here and there. Got two old soundtracks. Not too slow eroge pace for once? Not quite the intended route though. And lastly questionable finance situation (as usual?).


Non-news links

Nothing particularly amusing this week.

New stuff

eden* soundtrack. Have been eyeing it for a long time and finally the price dropped enough to below its original price. I forgot it’s this big.

Bought at Suruga-Ya.

Another old soundtrack from minori, this one from ef. This is their special package released at C75, containing the soundtrack itself, random manga, interviews, and mini figure keyholder. There’s also extra CD containing voice drama and other stuff? I haven’t checked it.

Eroge playthrough

Passed through common route with almost no transition and now at Mitsuki route. Originally planned going Ena first but somehow ended up here instead. I usually go back and try going to the correct route for planned route order but since I ended up liking Ena more than expected I figured any route order is fine.

Hopefully can finish this weekend. Then going Ena → Marine → Ruri as planned. Or not, whichever my choices send me to.

Non-eroge stuff

FGO event coming up soon. This time Prisma Illya rerun. Yay. Still need thousands of mana prisms.

Nothing on anime.

Daily life

Sold quite a lot of things and ended up at 50%-ish profit. Haven’t seen this for a while but it sure is nice.

Put up some more stuff today. Hopefully they sell well.

So I thought this month is extraordinarily good but looking at previous month log, it’s actually about the same. There’s still this weekend though so it’ll probably end up quite a bit better than last month.

Investment is still slowly recovering. Except yesterday where it goes down a bit. I really need to stop checking the site every day.

On spending, bought pieces store bonuses. A bit cheaper than I originally budgeted. Also bought one extra stuff (Sofmap clear poster).

I also bought the Type-Moon tapestries. Okita-san and Jailter as originally planned. Sure wish they do a second rerun of Jailter 😢

And then there’s nothing else planned for this month. Not even next month. I just remembered there’s that I’L tapestries. Probably will get Natsume Eri and Takano Yuki tapestries. So something like 10k more for this month.

I almost forgot about Cuffs’ new title which will have extra fanbooks. I bought the digital version because it’s got digital fanbooks but there will be one more extra fanbook which doesn’t seem to be in the digital version yet? I’ll probably end up getting one extra from official store together with whatever goodies they sometimes have. Or maybe not. Still undecided.

There’s also 9-haruiro as previously mentioned.

As for Parasol’s Renran, I’ll probably grab all voice drama as usual. And maybe some tapestries this time? Not quite sure yet also it’s still four months away.

All said and done, I’m looking at ending this month with almost achieving savings target. Total wasting will be about 85k. Or more if Cuffs official store pre-order is up before end of this month.

There are still some upcoming pre-orders but it should be fine. Unless I spend 40k+ on Cuffs store, the buffer from auction should be already enough to cover spring events. That said, I just remembered I need to buy plane tickets home so it’s not all nice and good after all whoops.

Closing words

3:21. Should go sleep soon but I still have loads of things need to be done. Hopefully I can finish them before 4.

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