Digest Vol. 188: A bit different

Tapestries! And pillow covers! And Parasol being alive. It sure is a rather different week for once. Some planning for next few months as well. Still slow on eroge though. ┐(°~° )┌


Non-news links

New stuff

First batch of missed stuff from C95. Starting off with Kantoku’s latest artbook and konomi’s original manga. Bought from Melonbooks.

And lastly Yano Mitsuki’s omnibus book of Uchi no pet jijou. Well, except the latest one. Interesting seeing the change in art style.

Bought this one from auction because I missed my chance at the event and Melonbooks. More or less costed the same as getting from Melonbooks.

Illustration board from Fate/stay night Heaven’s Feel II.lost butterfly.

And lastly another copy of Maitetsu postcard shikishi. I don’t remember if I’ve posted the first one but here they both.

Eroge playthrough

Still in Tearstilla common route. Not much happening yet. There isn’t much anything else even so the pace has been rather slow.

Non-eroge stuff

Watched Fsn HF 2 last weekend. I guess it’s good for fans of Sakura. I’m not though. Next one will be the best part with Shirou **spoiler** after conjuring **spoiler** and Rin being cool with **spoiler** and stuff. Next spring will be a fun one.

There isn’t much on FGO.

Oh and I somehow watched Domestic Girlfriend after someone mentioned it’s got drama and stuff. Though the first episode ended up more like plot for hentai.

Daily life

Sold some stuff last week. To single person. Yay? About 33% loss

Finally put up some stuff and some of them are bid already. I hope more will come. Also will put up some more later this or next week.

I will be sending stuff to Suruga-Ya as well later once I get my updated stay permit.

Investment seems to be doing rather well, hopefully on track to full recovery? Or will it drop again after something happens in US? I’m not too worried though.

On wasting money, it looks like I’m skipping Marmalade’s Study Steady. The coloring seems to be getting worse this time and none of the artists are on my watch list isn’t helping.

Wait, that wasn’t about wasting money 🤔

Oh well, on actual wasting money, Type-Moon tapestries order is coming up soon and I’m looking at spending about 10k for them.

If I do indeed drop Study Steady, it means I’m looking at spending about 22k for March release store bonuses just for pieces.

Apart of that, there will Minato pillow cover which may or may not happen. Then there’s I’L tapestries which will probably be up to around 12k.

And then… nothing else.

Oh, there’s 9-haruiro in April. Unlike Sorairo I will only be getting from one store this time around. Most likely official store. And then I’ll somehow get the rest of drama CDs. Last time it seemed easy so I hope it’ll be the case again.

…is what I thought but current market price for them is a bit crazy ಠ_ಠ

I’ll check again in February or March. Hopefully not too late. Or I can just grab them all now again yaaaay. Sofmap will be expensive because I have to buy the whole thing just to get the drama CD. Considering there isn’t much else, it’s probably not too bad?

Closing words

Originally planned to write this post yesterday but ended up figuring out Windows share error 0x8007003B instead. Not only it took a whole night, I couldn’t figure out why and how to fix it in the end. As it involves data corruption, it sure isn’t looking good.

I’ll play a bit and then sleep as I only had less than 4 hours of sleep previously.

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