Digest Vol. 187: Zzz

Not much news, a bit change in eroge playthrough, some progress on anime, changes to PC thingy, and pre-orders.


Non-news links

New stuff

None! There might be some leftover comiket books next week.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Floflo. Riku is the cutest. Didn’t expect that kind of play. May write a dedicated post because avoiding spoiler is kind of annoying.

And then started Kinkoi Tearstilla. Wait what.

Well, I figured I should play the oldest backlog in my list in term of the time I bought it. I pre-ordered this one end of November 2014, about 7 4 years and two months ago.

I tried this a while ago but failed and jumped to the latest instead and now I’m trying it again. Hopefully it’ll work this time. Seems okay so far.

Non-eroge stuff

Finished FGO event except the challenge quest. Doesn’t seem too difficult. I hope it’s not too difficult. Then I need to gather about 600 mana prisms for this month and another 700 for next month. There’s also like 15000 for extra CEs but it’s too depressing so let’s not talk about it.

Watched some Imosae last few days ago while waiting for my PC to finish restore process. Pretty good so far, just few more episodes left. Maybe this weekend?

Talking about restoring PC, I finally booted up my Ryzen system again and restored the Windows 10. The main annoyances still remain though at least the explorer is usable as I discovered it’s Seafile causing major slowdown before. Gateway server also moved to nicer hardware with dual Intel NIC and both desktop and server are now running 32GiB of memory.

It was especially annoying on desktop because I occasionally run out of memory with just 20GiB.

If I can handle the Windows, I’ll be migrating my office PC as well and virtualize the server so I don’t have too many PC around. Initially planned to use the SFF for everything but cramming storage in it isn’t going to be fun so I guess I’ll just use the tower. Storage will suck because no more full disk ZFS. At least I think I can store database on SSD again this time.

Daily life

No extra thing sold last week apart of the two bid early I mentioned in previous post. Doesn’t seem good for this week either and I haven’t put up anything new. A bit too lazy at the moment.

Pre-ordered Kinkoi tapestry and somehow konomi Melonbooks tapestry as well. And Denkigai Onigyu tapestry as I’m writing this post. Also Sweet and Tea latest title.

As for remaining spending this month, I vaguely remember there’s something coming a bit later but not sure what. Also I’ll grab some pieces extra store bonuses at YJA. And maybe Study Steady as well. Not quite decided on that yet, will decide after they post colored sample though I’ll at least grab the drama DLCs as I always do.

I should be still on track to my savings target. More or less. The auction I did last month helped as well.

On investment, looks like market is recovering a bit though no idea how long it will last. At least now my loss is under 100k.

Closing words

Looks like I still have some time for Tearstilla. Also 2018 retrospective post is coming. Maybe. And the Yuzusoft pilgrimage as well. Almost forgot about that one whoops.

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