Digest Vol. 186: That was cold

Late because I got so backlogged on RSS feeds. Also FGO. Some post-event online orders are up though not much on actual news. Report on winter events as usual though no retrospective yet because I’m too lazy at the moment.


Non-news links

New stuff

The only Denkigai 2018 Winter stuff I got. Left one is bonus for pre-ordering pieces and the right one is overpriced desk postcard calendar. Though they went cheap and didn’t do any new illustration for it.

Day two C95 goods. I noticed I named the file day one because I very rarely do day two.

Then the doujin from C95 day three. It’s almost entirely just books. The only goods I care about is available for order online as well so I can just almost skip going comiket entirely now.

Also I’ll need to reduce number of books because I don’t have any more space.

Then goodies from corporate booths. Only August, Kadokawa, and Yuzusoft. Oh and Big Sight C95 drink. Not many interesting stuff this time around. Also that Riddle Joker CD is cheaper in Amazon.

Not related to any events but here’s the latest BugBug. Or the bonus from Melonbooks. Then I’ll need to mail the order sometime later this month.

Tapestry from K-Books. Usual Chikotam and all.

Unfortunately the second one I got has slight defect ;_; Not sure if I should keep it or not because I already put up the good one on auction and someone quickly bid on it. Whoops. I’ll look into it later.

Eroge playthrough

Almost no progress! I’m supposed to finish appends for Floflo but I haven’t yet. At least I finished Nanao extra h-scene so there’s that. Anyway, I should be able to finish them today and continue to Kinkoi.

Non-eroge stuff

Finished FGO Lostbelt chapter 3 thanks to the new year event requiring it. Took one whole day though still with just R and below servants except for some places which I needed help from both Okita. Didn’t have time to try without them so, yeah. Also it’s not like I never used them for other parts of the story anyway.

Nothing on anime.

While at it, I think Windows 10 is looking okay-ish now. Or more like some problems I had with it turns out to be still problematic on earlier versions anyway. The main loss would be Chiitrans Lite not working on later updates but I guess I can live with it. Also should motivate me to reduce my dependence on it.

Current plan is to just restore my ancient install and work from there. Shouldn’t be too annoying except the eroge re-installation part. Good think I’ve been keeping backups of my systems.

Looking forward to not running out of memory anymore.

Daily life

No auction last week because new year and all. Two new items I put up for today have already been bid so it’s nice. Not sure if there will be more items sold but it’s off to a good start, I’d say.

Ended up spending a bit more than I wanted last month which concluded my 2018 finance with a 420k under my original savings target. Yay =|

Let’s see if I can reach the original target this year.

I still need to put up more stuff for auction. Maybe next or following week. Or whenever I feel like to.

As for wasting money, I’ll probably get some pieces and Steady Study store bonuses later this month. Then there’s Denkigai tapestry which is only Onigyu this time. And then there’s Minato pillow cover which at the moment I’ll probably skip due to no more space in my room. Also I need to reduce amount of crap I have here as I’ve always been saying.

Oh and there’s that Kinkoi tapestry from BugBug which will be a bit expensive because I’ll be buying multiple of it so I can sell them and hopefully get some profit.

On investment, last year went pretty bad with almost 120k loss. It doesn’t seem to be recovering either but also means it’s good time to buy more funds.

Event log

Day 1: K-Books, Denkigai 2018 Winter

Started off day around 9:30 for K-Books, arrived at 10:30. Finished around 12:20 thankfully got the Chikotam tapestry. From what I gather it’s sold out around 15:00 the same day.

Then I went for some personal stuff and finally went to Denkigai around 14:30. Grabbed the Whirlpool calendar and the pieces tote bag. Looked around a bit and met a friend and finally went home around 16.

Nothing too exciting.

Day 3: C95 Day 2

I skipped day one and only went this day. Departed 11:00 which is an hour later than I originally planned. Thanks to that I missed some stuff and overall it’s a waste of time. Good job, me.

Day 4: C95 Day 3

Departed around 4:00 and arrived a bit before 6 as usual. It’s nice living nearby station so I don’t need to walk as far as before. Queued and got in around 10:20, went to A.M.R booth first. Then midway to Akutoku Doumei booth I lost my wallet.


Looked around a bit but couldn’t find it. Took one hour until I got it back from lost and found section. Also meant I lost good one hour for buying stuff around. At least I got my wallet back which otherwise would be a rather devastating loss.

Anyway, continued with whatever left I can find in east hall which there aren’t many to begin with though I failed getting Primil book which should’ve been preventable because I did end up going to another booth close by there and still had one last coin to buy the book.

Unexpected queue for Imomuya Honpo booth. And no queue for A.M.R. Actually I didn’t even need to go there first because their stuff last quite a while and even then there’s usually online order but I went there first anyway.

Went to west hall afterwards where most of my list were. Unexpectedly there’s no queue for Necotoxin which is the first time for me getting anything from there. Also got Karomix stuff for first time (I think?).

I got most of planned stuff. Missed Suzuya as expected. Then Animal Herb – the tank – which was unexpected. Also missed rurudo right when I arrived there which was annoying. There were also quite a long queue before.

Ice and Choco was short, Kogemashita no queue, Studio S.D.T. no queue, Peach Candy quite a bit queue earlier but cleared up with goods set still available, Kidoukan no queue, nor was Eroliya, and Allegro Mistic. A bit of queue at Botsugo, same for Tinkerbell. There’s a bit of queue at Cocoa Holic as well. I think there were a rather long queue at MeltdoWN Comet which wasn’t expected. A bit queue at Pan no Mimi as well with goods still available even a bit late. Small queue at squeezecandyheaven, no queue at Batsu Freak, and Megane Shoujo was sold out when I arrived there a bit after 12.

That summed up the last day of comiket for me. Not too bad which is partially thanks to my rather easy list. I can just pre-order almost everything from store, even.

Closing words

Late post is late. Also pretty rare posting at this time. I just want to get this out ASAP so I can finally finish Floflo.

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