Digest Vol. 185: Events

Comiket and other events news. Not listing them here. Some new tapestries from various magazines. And the failure of my 2018 savings target. Oh and one last route for Floflo.


Non-news links

New stuff

Nothing! Whee. Come back next week.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Nanao route. Or almost, because I haven’t done the extra H-scene and append scene.

Continuing to final route for now though. Was hoping to finish it yesterday but of course that didn’t happen. Also helped delaying this post.

Most likely will play Kinkoi next.

Non-eroge stuff

Nothing. No FGO event either.

Daily life

Sold three items with about 100% original cost (total). One item helped increasing that percentage because the other items were sold at loss.

Previous auction went mostly well if not for one item I handled poorly. RIP my perfect rating.

On spending, it looks like I’ll be spending about 50k for comiket. And probably about 10-20k for other events. At that number I can questionably fit in Minato pillow cover. Well, assuming the queue is doable, that is. Probably not so it won’t happen. Or will it?

Apart of that, it looks like I’ll go under 450k total from my savings target for this year.

Need to do better next year. And stop buying so many crap.

Events starts tomorrow today. Will star with K-Books, then check Popfes a bit which then followed by checking Denkigai. Hopefully 9:00 is early enough for K-Books goods.

As for comiket, probably I will only do first train day 3. I’m also considering a late day 2 though probably won’t happen because I’m lazy like that.

Closing words

Need to sleep ASAP so I don’t die at the event today.

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