Hare Nochi Kitto Nanohana Biyori – 1/4 routes done

I think I should be playing the game instead of writing this. As of which currently at



Took about ten days to finish common and Amane route which includes two weekends. Let’s see if I can finish this route this weekend.

Quick thoughts on Amane route

First of all, the hscenes kind of suck. Mainly the art. It is not bad but still only barely passes. The second one is especially weird because of the drawing of the penis doesn’t make sense (wrong size etc) which made the whole scene a bit uncomfortable. Also the way they don’t show male character at all also a bit weird. It’s one thing to have male character block the view like in some other games (at least based on CGs I saw) but turns out not having male character at all also not quite right. I think the male character should be still drawn when he don’t block the view. Self-insert doesn’t work well either because I usually do it by imagining being the one pictured (replacement), not by adding myself to the picture (addition). Lack of imagination, etc.

The story itself is pretty good. Better than few routes in Your Diary (the ones I’ve played, which are Yuuhi, Hotori, and Kanade) and at least on par with Clover Day’s. The amount of involvement of supernatural aspect is way beyond than what I expected though. I expected it to be just some side show but in this route it’s the main factor. It helps keeping me interested in the end though. All is well. Except the hscenes. Especially this:


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