Digest Vol. 176: That was dumb

Some new (and not so new) tapestries and pillow covers here and there. Also some new stuff, mainly tapestries (as usual). Finished Hatsujou Sprinkle and resuming Floflo. Finance situation is a bit unclear overall next month. This month is fine.


Non-news links

New stuff

Random doujins I found when finding something for a friend. I’ve been considering them for a while and figured might as well grab them. Surprisingly none of them are rated 18+.

As usual Denkigai tapestries arrived at slightly wrong season. Starting up with Kinkoi’s Reina. No nipples. Why.

Uses the fancier “triple suede” material. The print itself is okay-ish though not quite as smooth as previous ones. It feels slightly less uniform. Also the material itself is quite shiny which I don’t quite like.

Interestingly people seem to prefer this one. Oh well.

And the last one from Denkigai, Ritsu from Nekonin 2. Much better with explicit rating.

Same print etc.

Also it’s not the actual last but I’m selling that one so I’m not going to bother posting it here.

More Jiku-Chu tapestry, Kantoku’s lewd twins. Not really new but has been considering getting it when I go to Akiba which barely happens and I don’t usually have time when I did go there. So I just ordered it together when a friend asked me to get something from it.

Pretty good print with usual unfortunate thin material from Jiku-Chu. Also comes the pipe caps.

Not sure what’s happened with the lighting and color balance of the background but the image itself seems pretty okay.

Melonbooks Underwears 2, illustrated by Natsume Eri. Really like the composition. Dark storage room, neat looking iincho girl, and her lifting up her skirt showing her simple white panties ( ‘_’)b

And lastly, two not really new ero anime. Only arrived now because it’s ordered together with other stuff released recently.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Hatsujou Sprinkle. Not quite liking how Shizuku route ended up. Not only there’s no resolution for the main “problem” but Shizuku’s apparent family problem wasn’t touched at all as well. At least she’s still the cutest. And lewdest.

Back to Floflo as planned and there should be no distraction until end of December. Or IS IT? (see below)

Adelheid route still feels really annoying. I hope I can finish it this weekend.

Non-eroge stuff

FGO new event! Also not-Illya is finally implemented. Complete with lewd final ascension image.

Nothing else here. Need to watch Nanoha Reflection movie though because I’m watching the next one soon-ish.

Daily life

Nothing from auction. Kind of expected but still feels a bit sad.

As for budget for this month, there isn’t much extra income but I didn’t spend much either so it’s okay. I don’t there will be much events and things next month. Cube doesn’t even seem to be doing anything either.

That said, I’ll need quite a lot of money to move to new place somewhere so it doesn’t even balance out at the moment.

My secret project seems to be doing possibly fine-ish? More update next week! Maybe final result or something? Stay tuned <(‘.’ <)

Oh and stock is still doing terrible ;_;

Closing words

Oh it’s 4:33 already. Time to sleep.

Almost forgot to write what the title is about. It’s just a certain company doing seemingly stupid crap which ended up as stupid as it looked like.

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